StuffIt Deluxe 2009. For Windows

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StuffIt Deluxe 2009. For Windows
faster, anything !.Tired of waiting for large email attachments and downloads? Frustrated with files that you can't open? You need StuffIt Deluxe! Award-winning, industry-standard StuffIt Deluxe compresses your files up to 95% smaller than their original size, so they transmit faster.

. Plus, StuffIt Deluxe opens just about any file you download off the Web or receive in your email. Of course, as the worldwide compression standard, your StuffIt files can be accessed by any PC or Mac user, anywhere, without any hassle.

Here are some key features of "StuffIt Deluxe":

· NEW Compress Photos up to 30%.
· NEW Compress without any quality loss.
· NEW Create Self-Extracting Archives.
· NEW View Archived JPEGs.
· Open and Save Windows archives.
· Expand files with a single keystroke.
· Create StuffIt, Zip, and Tar archives.
· Browse archives without expanding.
· Add, Delete, & Change files in archives.
· Search by Name, Date, & more.
· Split files across multiple CDs & DVDs.
· Multi-Processor Enabled.
· Compress & Expand by file extension.
· NEW Stuff from Automator workflows.
· Built in FTP, email, & .Mac transfers.
· Open and Save Windows archives.
· Expand files with a single keystroke.
· NEW Create encrypted backup archives.
· Strong 512-bit encryption.
· Protection against data corruption.
· Password protection for .sitx & .zip.
· Secure Delete sensitive files.
· NEW Archive only recently changed files.
· NEW Use Finder Labels to backup files.
· Backup only recently changed files.
· Backup directly to FTP or your iDisk.
· Email backup activity logs.
· Backup with Admin Privileges.
· NEW Includes Automator support.
· NEW Use Spotlight to search archives.
· Photoshop & Microsoft Word Plugins.
· Command Line Tools.
· Stuff & Mail with a single click.
· MagicMenu Finder Integration.
· Contextual Menu Support.




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